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Preparations for the industrial production of Neutrinovoltaic power sources, developed by the international scientific and technological company Neutrino Energy Group, are in the final stages. Already at the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024, licensed production of Neutrino Power Cubes “free energy” generators with a net capacity of 5-6 kW will start in Switzerland.


Why did the manufacturer decide to start producing Neutrino Power Cubes in this capacity?

Electricity consumption per capita in Switzerland per year is now an average of 10,000 kW*h, so a capacity of 5-6 kW is enough for a family of 4 people. If there is a shortage of power during peak hours or if there is a desire to install electric home heating, electric stoves and other power-consuming equipment, you can buy a fuelless generator with a capacity of 10-12 kW or choose the layout of Neutrino Power Cubes together with a battery which will compensate the demand for power during peak hours and accumulate the excess of generated power.

This control system is now used for solar panels, and it would be logical to use it for Neutrino Power Cubes. The difference between the Neutrino Power Cubes BTG generating unit of 5-6 kW and 10-12 kW is only in the size of the generating unit itself, since the former has 6 power generating modules, while the latter is twice as big. Neutrino Deutschland GmbH has published for the first time the video of Neutrino Power Cubes net power 5-6 kW exterior design and the photo of the first test series generators appearance.

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This invention, created by an international team of scientists from Neutrino Energy Group holding, can be referred to as one of the most revolutionary technologies of the twenty-first century due to its independence from weather conditions, lack of dependence on energy storage systems, reliable power generation day and night, compact size, lack of rotating parts and extraneous noise during operation, and absence of harmful emissions and greenhouse gases.


Is it possible for all readers to understand the scope of the invention?

Certainly not, and there is no need to engage in self-deception. Almost everyone mentally associates the process of generating electricity with something more, whether it is electricity generation by burning fossil fuels or by nuclear fuel heat generation, with a huge turbine spinning and then generating electricity by a generator. Also understandable is the scheme of power generation by generators rotated by the flow of water (hydrogeneration) or air (wind generation). All of these technologies have one thing in common: generating electricity by rotating the rotor of an electric generator. But what falls out of this list is solar power generation, where nothing rotates, but electricity is generated.

Electricity generation by the photovoltaic mechanism occurs by using solar cells to convert solar energy (visible spectrum radiation) into electrical energy. The process is a direct conversion of solar radiation of the visible spectrum into electrical energy using special semiconductor elements – photovoltaic converters. Neutrinovoltaic power generation is the conversion of energy from neutrinos and other kinds of non-visible radiations; this is the difference between photovoltaics and neutrinovoltaics.

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This misunderstanding is explained mainly by the fact that a person sees sunlight and can mentally accept for himself that what he sees and feels is material and can work (generate electricity), while the radiation of the invisible spectrum is not felt, not felt, and therefore does not understand what we are talking about. And if one does not understand, one is not ready to believe that it is possible to generate electricity even under the influence of particles of the invisible spectrum. In fact, all that is needed is a special material and technology to extract this invisible and intangible energy. Moreover, this is often not understood or accepted not only by readers who studied physics at school and superficially in institutions of higher education, but also by scientists who do not want to admit to themselves that they are afraid of such an invention.

The appearance on the market of power generating equipment created using Neutrinovoltaic technology can have a serious impact on the energy market, especially during mass construction or transition to the production of new generators of existing production facilities, and trends in this direction are already clearly evident: Neutrino Energy Group has either already sold licenses or is in final negotiations with companies from the most developed countries with a high population density. Among these countries we can point out Germany, Switzerland, India, Portugal, South Africa, Russia, Korea; in February the company’s registration in China should be completed. In addition to producing Neutrino Power Cubes, we are also talking about adapting Neutrinovoltaic technology for the needs of electric mobility. Currently, together with one of the world leaders in materials research, the Indian company C-MET, the Neutrino Energy Group is conducting scientific and technological work to create a housing for the Pi electric car, which will itself generate the electric power needed to create traction power.

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The development of Neutrinovoltaic technology is a natural phenomenon of the time, since in recent years the achievements of science, especially in the development of new materials and nanomaterials and the study of their properties, have been impressive, and the emergence of graphene and the study of its properties was decisive for the creation of the nanomaterial that forms the basis for the Neutrinovoltaic technology developed by the scientific and technological Neutrino Energy Group.

Author: L.K. Rumyantsev, Ph.

Translation from Russian, original article can be found here: Подготовка промышленного выпуска Neutrinovoltaic источников электроэнергии идёт к завершению

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