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The strategy of Western countries, and especially European countries, has as its primary objective the elimination of the use of fossil fuels in the production of power and the transportation of goods. The objective is to achieve something that is even more far-reaching than simply weaning ourselves off of energy resources that come from Russia and become dependent on supplies from other countries, notably the United States and the Middle East.

To this end, solar energy and wind power facilities are being widely introduced. In 5 years newly commissioned houses will have to be equipped with solar panels, whereas now their availability is 50%. The increase in the share of these two power generation technologies is facilitated by the reduction of capital costs for their construction: according to some reports, the cost of power generation by solar panels and wind turbines has become lower than that from burning fossil fuels. The prices of batteries and energy storage have fallen significantly, and work on new types of batteries is taking place widely in many countries. All of these advances allow proponents of a complete phase-out of fossil fuels to look to the future with optimism.

However, not everything is as positive as it seems at first glance. The best sites for wind turbines and solar panels are already in use, and additional installations have to be placed in locations that are not the most suitable. In Germany, for example, the best place to place wind turbines is in the north, where winds from the Baltic Sea and the North Sea always blow, but the industry is located in the center and the south of Germany. Placing alternative energy facilities in suboptimal locations drastically reduces the efficiency of power generation, which inevitably leads to higher prices for electricity sold. The dependence of solar power and wind generation on weather conditions makes them vulnerable, and it is therefore unlikely that it will be possible to rely on them to abandon fossil fuels entirely.

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What would happen to the electricity system if overcast and windless weather occurred at the same time? No one responds to this query. With “sawtooth” power generation from solar panels and wind turbines accounting for 30% of the overall power balance even today, it is challenging to maintain balance and frequency in the power system. The balancing of the power system will become much more challenging and expensive if their share continues to rise.

Under these conditions, it is worth taking a close look at the work currently being done to create additional power generation technologies without the use of fossil fuels, which can conditionally include nuclear power, since the reserves of uranium on Earth are not infinite. One of the most discussed technologies today is Neutrinovoltaic technology, which is the basis for the construction of the Neutrino Power Cubes fuel-free generators of various capacities. The recently published video by the Neutrino Energy Group, which demonstrates for the first time a net power generator of 5-6 kW, allows for the first time to get an idea of its overall dimensions and design.

The Neutrino Power Cube generating unit has dimensions of 800x400x600 mm and weighs 50 kg. The second unit is a generator control system consisting of several inverters, which convert DC electric current into AC voltage of 220 V and 380 mm. In addition, there are outputs for direct connection, bypassing the inverters, of equipment that does not require alternating voltage. Such equipment includes heating systems, electric stoves and other devices. The direct connection of such equipment eliminates the loss of power when converting DC to AC. According to the Swiss manufacturer of BTGs, Neutrino Power Cubes, which was one of the first to acquire a license for their production from Neutrino Energy Group and is currently carrying out tests and preparing for production certification, the generation unit consists of 6 modules, which produce direct current with a gross capacity of 7 kW, i.e., when converting direct current into alternating current, losses may amount to 1-2 kW.

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It should be noted that the relevance of the development of fuelless generators is difficult to overestimate; the discussions that have unfolded in social networks about the mechanism of power generation show serious interest in this topic. Until recently, the development of fuelless generators was engaged mainly by single enthusiasts, but the attention of serious investors to this business area began to form only in recent years. A vivid example is the development of the international scientific and technological company Neutrino Energy Group.

The principle of Neutrinovoltaic technology, which is the basis of the Neutrino Power Cube, published in the open press, is not accepted by all scientists, they put forward their own versions and theories and express doubts about the performance of the product. Scientists and inventors, who try to work in this direction themselves, are especially critical in this direction. And I think this is an absolutely acceptable situation, because it is in discussions that the truth is born, and it is human nature to doubt, and the start of industrial production of the Neutrino Power Cube in late 2023 – early 2024 will put a final end to all discussions.

The appearance of Neutrino Power Cube fuel-free generators on the free market will complement the existing alternative energy technologies, since the independence of power generation from weather conditions, stable power generation capacity during the day and night will allow to use them effectively for power supply of homes in remote areas, increasing the living standards of the population, and in areas unfavorable for installation of solar panels and wind turbines.

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The versatile use of Neutrinovoltaic technology and the widest possibilities of using the new Neutrino Power Cube generators will bring us undoubtedly to a new era in energy generation, which will be characterized by the introduction of the latest environmental and safe technologies, replacing fossil fuel combustion.


Translation from Russian, original article can be found here: NEUTRINOVOLTAIC ТЕХНОЛОГИЯ – ШАГ К ОТКАЗУ ОТ ИСКОПАЕМОГО ТОПЛИВА В ЭНЕРГЕТИКЕ

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