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Manufacturing on the cutting edge of technology is where Houston shines as a global leader. The region has experienced significant growth in high-tech manufacturing as a result of new entrepreneurs forming partnerships with local universities and existing industries. These partnerships have accelerated the development and deployment of life-saving medical technologies, pioneering energy systems, and other advancements that benefit all Americans.

The CHIPS and Science Act was signed into law on Tuesday, August 9, by Vice President Joe Biden. This piece of legislation ensures that the United States will continue to be competitive on a global scale when it comes to incubating the next generation of technological startups, ideas, and innovators. This legislation, which has support from both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party, will speed up the production of semiconductors in the United States and encourage investments in technological innovation, research, and development. The ultimate goal of this legislation is to lessen the reliance that the United States has on third-party suppliers.

In addition to providing a tax credit for manufacturing projects based in the United States, the Act makes significant appropriations for the National Science Foundation, regional technology and innovation hubs, and advanced research programs such as STEM grants. In addition to financial incentives for the semiconductor manufacturing industry, the legislation authorizes a total of ten billion dollars to be spent over the course of the next five years on the establishment of at least twenty regional technology and innovation hubs across the United States.

The legislation’s hubs program allows eligible consortia to participate in a competition run by the Department of Commerce to designate these regional technology and innovation hubs, and at least 60 strategy development grants will be awarded to help build regional innovation strategies. In addition, the legislation requires the Department of Commerce to designate these regional technology and innovation hubs. The passage of this legislation represents a federal investment in the technologically advanced economic development of regional areas, and the Houston metropolitan area is prepared to make the most of the opportunity presented by this development.

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The CHIPS and Science Act was recently signed into law, and with it came a number of significant economic opportunities for the state and the region. The state of Texas is currently equipped with the infrastructure necessary to support new semiconductor projects, and the region’s history as a hub for innovations that have the potential to change the world has positioned Houston to be the driver of the nation’s capabilities for the foreseeable future.

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