Did early human inventions such as bows and arrows, houses, and boats arise from natural intelligence superior to that of chimps, lions, and other species? Or did these artifacts result from the slow accumulation of knowledge—tiny changes made over many generations that comprise the transmission of collective cultural wisdom?

It is in our nature to always pursue knowledge, since knowledge empowers us with crucial worldviews that help us to circumvent and overcome obstacles and problems. It provides us with a far more genuine and authentic feeling of confidence and fulfilment. Just like Tesla, Edison, and Einstein, for example, people who carried their knowledge to the next level, and as a result, we now live in a remarkable world. But their time has passed, and from the ashes has emerged a new creative mastermind, the visionary behind Neutrinovoltaic, a technology that will alter the path of human history.

Holger Thorsten Schubart is a mathematician, sophisticate, philanthropist, and entrepreneur who resides in both Switzerland and Germany. As a mathematician with a specialized business background, he launched his first firm in 1990, and since then he has devoted his whole life to enhancing the technological infrastructure of the planet. Therefore, Holger leaped at the opportunity to adopt a game-changing energy technology that has the ability to benefit the lives of its users as well as the environment. With Holger at the helm of the Neutrino Energy Group, the limitless potential of neutrinos and other non-visible radiations will be realized swiftly.

Holger’s Dream: energy-efficient and sustainable into the future

His interest in neutrino-based energy technologies goes back to 2014, when he was researching his longtime passion for alternative energy sources. At that year’s Federal Press Ball, Holger said that neutrinos and other non-visible radiations may radically alter our understanding of renewable energy. When Holger first submitted his ideas, they were met with scepticism. In 2015, however, two prominent energy physicists, Arthur B McDonald and Takaaki Kajita, independently discovered that neutrinos had mass. Since E=mc2 implies that all mass is composed of energy, this discovery paved the way for the widespread adoption of neutrino energy technology.

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Neutrinos’ energy-generation potential was shown in Berlin in 2017, lending validity to Holger’s theories. In this presentation, the electrical energy-generating potential of neutrinos has been carefully investigated, indicating that neutrino mass may be exploited to generate electricity.

Holger is fast bringing neutrinovoltaic energy technology to fruition with the assistance of a partnership of approximately 100 worldwide engineers and scientists, who have quickly assembled prototypes of consumer-oriented neutrino energy technologies. It’s Holger’s life’s work to improve the planet by developing renewable energy technologies that are really self-sustaining.

Endless new Possibilities for electromobility

However, the energy sector isn’t the only one that is benefiting from the endless possibilities that neutrinos offer; even the electro-mobility industry benefits heavily from them. While the majority of electric car users still take the electricity from the socket, we simply harvest it from the environment.

Until now, no one has been interested in this form of energy because the internal combustion engine was not designed for it, but for an electric car, the ambient energy is like a permanent petrol pump, an infinite cosmic ray surge from the sun, light, neutrinos, and other invisible radiation.

On the basis of the international collaboration between the respected C-MET institution in Pune, India, and the Neutrino Energy Group in Berlin, Germany, The CAR PI project will be developed, constructed, and manufactured into a one-of-a-kind car that draws its energy not from the charging station but simply from the environment-completely independent of “dishonest” electricity that comes from the burning of fossil fuels. Due to the strategic work of the mathematicians and physicists at C-MET, it will be possible for the first time to combine the work of the Neutrino Energy Group, which has already made a number of important contributions to neutrino technology, with the development of the materials needed to build CAR PI. Making this innovation truly one of the most ambitious projects that humanity has ever attempted, and it is getting closer to becoming a reality.

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The Car Pi is a game-changer and the mark of a completely new era in the world of electromobility

The Neutrino Energy Group adopted the moniker “Car Pi” because to the infinite nature of the value of pi. As the digits of this value continue indefinitely, so will the innovative energy technology incorporated in the Car Pi propel this unparalleled automobile innovation indefinitely.

This remarkable vehicle generates its own energy by utilizing neutrinos and other non-visible radiation, making it the world’s first automobile that does not require recharging at a standard charging station, instead pulling what it requires to circulate eternally, whether driving or simply sitting motionless. Depending on the circumstances, 1 hour of simply parking the car outside may provide up to 100 kilometres of range. The CAR PI obtains a fuel source for its operation from an infinitely available, ecological, and sustainable element, Because of the utilization of unique nanomaterials, such as doped graphene mixed with Kevlar and carbon fiber to produce unique cells that capture the passage of neutrinos and other forms of non-visible radiation, inciting a subatomic oscillation, and therefore contribute to the transition away from the use of fossil fuels and toward clean and consistent energy sources. Thanks to neutrinovoltaic technology, CAR PI is the first car in the world that is both completely environmentally friendly and self-sufficient.

The Most Recent German Automotive Revolution Will Transform the World

Germany will once again see one of the biggest breakthroughs in automobile technology. Holger Thorsten Schubart, the visionary Mastermind behind the Neutrino Energy Group, will not do it alone. Schubart and a multinational coalition of like-minded scientists and engineers in the United States, India, and abroad are here to make the Car Pi a reality.

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There is no need for the automobile industry to lag just because our present technologies are inadequate. Our path ahead will always be illuminated by innovation. It is just a matter of time until big car manufacturers follow in the footsteps of the Neutrino Energy Group.

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