Solar Power Is Expected to Surpass All Other Forms of Energy By 2040; Yet, It Cannot Function When the Sun Is Not Shining. Introducing Neutrino Energy and Its Power Cubes, Capable Of harvesting The Energy of Vicinity even In Complete Darkness. Talal Husseini Considers Their Potential.

Two Independent Scientists, Arthur Mcdonald of Canada and Takaaki Kajita of Japan, Demonstrated In 2015 That Neutrinos, Tiny Rays of Cosmic Particles That Permeate Nearly Everything in the Universe, did in Fact Have Mass. In addition, according to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the equation E=mc2 states that anything that has mass also has energy. The two scientists were awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize in Physics for their discovery.

Neutrino Energy Group has taken the next step, which was previously deemed impossible: harnessing this energy and other forms of non-visible radiations for power production. Similar to a conventional photovoltaic (PV) solar cell, neutrinos may be used as a source of energy. Instead of capturing neutrinos, a part of their kinetic energy is transformed to electricity.

The Neutrino Power Cell is composed of layers of silicon and carbon that are placed with surgical precision on a metallic substrate such that when neutrinos strike them, a resonance occurs. Neutrino Energy figured out how to construct a cell capable of converting the ideal degree of resonance into resonant frequency on an electrical conductor and then capturing this energy. A significant benefit is that the procedure does not need sunshine. Neutrino Electricity Cubes can convert sections of energy into power 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, wherever in the globe.


Neutrino Energy CEO Holger Thorsten Schubart explains, “It is most important to understand that with this technology—which can be compared to the solar cell—a small solar cell can be directly implanted in any electrical device, and in the same way, a small neutrino cell can be directly implanted in any electrical device.”

“The benefit is that when you install a small PV cell inside, it will not operate if there is no light. However, when you have a neutrino cell inside, it will most definitely function. “

From Single Devices to Whole Households

Scientists at Neutrino Energy’s Berlin branch are developing the first neutrino-powered technological gadgets. According to the business, the first stage is to produce a mobile phone that can be charged directly using neutrinos and other forms of non-visible radiations, without the need for a cable.

“Mobile phone is where we will begin our work with the neutrino cell.” According to Schubart, “the mobile phone will still have a battery, but this battery will function as a buffer for when there is a significant energy requirement.” For instance, for a media stream or if the loudspeaker is on, you will need more energy than neutrinos will deliver.

The company’s long-term goal is to demonstrate that neutrino energy can be used to power electric cars and, in the long run, whole residential neighborhoods. Customers would not need to depend on conventional energy sources while using the power cubes because of their ability to provide both heat and electricity.

“In the future, we will be able to create neutrino power cubes that are capable of powering whole homes.” It will function in the same way as solar energy does for individuals who are fortunate enough to get sufficient sunlight on a substantial amount of roof area. However, the vast majority of individuals do not have this. There is insufficient sunshine and the sun does not shine on a daily basis in the majority of the contemporary world’s regions.

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The old, inefficient infrastructure can be replaced with power cubes

One of the most difficult aspects of deploying Neutrino Energy’s power cubes will be revamping the present system of energy production and transmission, which was meant to provide high-capacity electricity across expansive distances.

With the use of neutrino energy, we’ll have to re-engineer our system.” We currently have a single system in place. “Large power plants are scattered throughout the terrain, and energy is delivered across hundreds of kilometers via alternating current with significant losses before being transferred to the particular device via direct current,” says Schubart.

“The foundation for this system was laid more than a century and a half ago. When the century of neutrinos begins, we want to make adjustments to the system as well. Because modern electrical gadgets need a decreasing amount of energy, it is not necessary to employ such a powerful source of energy. It makes a lot more sense to convert this energy directly at the location where it is required to produce electricity.

However, how do the expenses of neutrino power compare to those of current energy sources?

Schubart says, “It will really astonish you.” We have determined that the expenses are less than 50 percent of solar energy. And it is significantly cheaper than the energy we now use. ”

A Greener Energy Source

The new technology may enable future generations to satisfy their energy demands without needing inefficient infrastructure, competition for finite natural resources, or environmental burden, which necessitates prompt action to prevent it from becoming a climate disaster.

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“It is unquestionably better for the environment since it eliminates all the negative repercussions of burning fossil fuels, such as climate change,” he says.

“The issue is that people want a system that produces vast quantities of energy.” We will not need it in the future. In the future, you won’t need 220V like we have in Germany or 110V in the United States for your television. You do not need it. ”

According to Schubart, not only consumers but also energy producers will enjoy the advantages of reduced energy use. Energy producers will be pleased when the system is altered and replaced with a low voltage system of 12/24/48V DC, which is perfect for almost any kind of electrical equipment. This kind of energy management is significantly more efficient and convenient for them, “he explains.

“Around a century ago, there were many industrial devices that required powerful energy. Perhaps 220V is enough for this, but electrical gadgets have evolved significantly over the last 20 to 30 years, but we continue to utilize the old method. “Neutrino energy is the future’s power.”

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